HCG Diet Plan and Hormone Therapy Injections

Resource: https://hcgdietinfo.com/hcg-diet-plans-protocols/hcg-diet-phases/  This is a great resource than can help answer any questions you may have and gives specific guidance on foods that are “preferred” and “not preferred”. Please keep in mind this refers to a 500 calorie diet and we have discussed about a 1200 calorie diet so you will be able to add another meal or two to your HCG diet plan phase 2.

HCG Diet: PHASE 1: FAT LOADING + HCG Injection (days 1 and 2)

  • Eat lots of high caloric fatty foods
  • Begin HCG Injection

HCG Diet: PHASE 2: Calorie restricted diet + HCG (days 3-37)

  • Start with calorie restricted diet (avoid starches, sugars, and oils)
    • 1 Protein
    • 1 Fruit
    • 1 vegetable
    • 1 long acting carb like melba toast, grissini breadstick, etc
  • Weight self daily in morning before eating and drinking and pictures daily to track progress
  • Consider addition of B and D Vitamin supplements and Magnesium daily
  • Days 24-26 0r 38-40- stop injections and continue calorie restricted diet

HCG Diet: PHASE 3: Maintenance Phase (6-8 weeks)

  • Your body will gradually re-adjust to your regular diet. To help keep off the weight increase caloric intake by about 500 calories and break up your daily allotment of calories into 3 meals and 2 snacks if possible. (try not to add starches and sugars back in until about week 3 of maintenance phase)
  • Continue to weigh daily if you gain more than 2 pounds cut back on fat intake
  • Once weight is maintained at goal weight continue with that dietary intake. If you would like to do another cycle you must wait at least 30 days after the maintenance phase to restart

Dosing: 150 IU SQ daily (max daily dosing is 200 IU, therefore if at 150 IU daily if you are still hungry option to increase dosing is still there).

Directions: 5000IU vial of hcg mix with 5mL bacteriostatic water and you will have 31G 5/16th needles and 1 cc syringe, you will pull the syringe to the 15 mark (0.15cc) on the syringe after 23 days this will use about 3.45mL. To complete a 43 day cycle you will need 2 5000IU vial kits.

Duration: If goal weight loss is around 15 pounds can do for 23 days, if goal is >15 pounds can do for 43 days (I would suggest start with 23 days and around day 18 evaluate where you are at with weight loss and body composition as you will be eating more calories than the typical 500-800 calorie deficient diet as we spoke and therefore it might be better to push it toward the 43 day goal).

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