The Truth about Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Myths vs. Facts

Testosterone replacement therapy is growing popular as a solution to low testosterone levels, especially in aging men. Because testosterone impacts many areas of your life, from your energy and performance to your health and immunity, addressing low testosterone improves your quality of life.

However, before deciding whether testosterone replacement therapy is the right solution, explore four common TRT myths and facts to understand the benefits and potential side effects.

Myth 1: TRT Is the Same as Steroids

Testosterone therapy may make you think of muscular men on steroids. This can lead you to wonder, is TRT safe?

While you want to increase your testosterone levels to stay healthy, you may be worried about similar side effects as steroids, including increased aggression, fluid retention, and high cholesterol.


Testosterone replacement therapy is not the same as taking steroids and has fewer negative side effects. Our method is a natural testosterone replacement therapy option that brings your body back to healthy levels in a safe way.

Testosterone replacement therapy balances hormones, regulates your body, and improves natural testosterone production. It can help you build muscle, but the primary goal of TRT isn’t muscle-building but overall health improvement.

Myth 2: TRT Isn’t Necessary

Your testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. You will feel an impact of the lower levels around 40. All men will most likely experience this drop in testosterone, therefore many men accept lower testosterone as a part of growing older.


Just because changes occur naturally and in everyone doesn’t mean you must endure the adverse side effects. Testosterone is crucial to a healthy life. It gives you energy boosts, helps you live a healthy and active life, and boosts your immune system.

TRT improves your quality of life and allows you to enjoy higher energy and a healthier body for longer, possibly extending your life because you can remain active and healthy.

Myth 3: TRT Is for Men with Low Testosterone

Perhaps one of the greatest myths is thinking you’re exempt from needing TRT. Healthy testosterone levels are between 300 to 1,000 nanograms per deciliter. On average, 40% of men over 45 have low testosterone.

You may think it’s just for men with erectile dysfunction, older men, or those outside the normal range.


TRT isn’t just for men who are under 300 ng/dL or over a specific age. It can help all men, including men in their 40s who may be starting to notice a decrease, men of all ages who are on the lower end of the scale, and men with symptoms of low testosterone.

Even if your numbers are within the healthy range, TRT can help you feel healthier if you’re experiencing symptoms that accompany low testosterone.

Myth 4: All Testosterone Solutions Are the Same

There are dozens of testosterone options available. You could receive care and supplements from a primary care physician or order pills online. Because all the options seem to promise the same results, you may begin to believe there’s no real difference between the options.


Testosterone supplements are a controlled substance for good reason. It has a significant impact on your health and body. Taking too much or the wrong type can have detrimental effects, including body changes, blood clots, and even a stroke.

Receiving care from your primary care physician can help keep you stay safe. However, most primary care physicians have high visitation costs and low availability, so you may not receive the necessary monitoring to ensure you stay within healthy limits.

Ordering pills without professional monitoring can also have negative effects because you won’t have a professional to monitor your health and prevent adverse side effects from taking the wrong supplements or amounts.

PeakPerforMAX addresses all those issues. Since it’s entirely online, you can receive consistent professional care and monitoring during your therapy to limit TRT side effects. Additionally, you can receive the prescriptions you need at your door. Our professionals create plans based on your health and desired results to ensure you stay safe and healthy.

Could You Benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

If you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Before jumping into a program or ordering medications, investigate your options and understand the benefits of each treatment.

Our knowledgeable team at PeakPerforMAX can help you understand your options and receive the personalized care you need to boost or retain your testosterone levels.

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