At PeakPerforMax, we understand hormone replacement therapies can be confusing, scary and intimidating. We know you have questions before getting started or even during treatment, so we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions by customers like you.

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BHRT is an acronym for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

Bioidentical means that molecularly the hormone that you’re replacing is exactly the same as what your body produces naturally. The molecules of synthetic hormones are slightly different.

Bioidentical hormones can’t be patented.

Yes, many studies have shown that hormone therapy is safe when administered in the correct dosage and monitored by a qualified physician.

Some patients begin to feel the effects immediately. In general, we ask that you give the plan between 4-6 weeks for best results.

Monthly plans can start from as low as $125 per month.  It’s important to understand that each protocol is tailored to each patients specific needs and objective. We have programs that are affordable to most everyone’s budget. We also feel it’s hard to place a dollar amount on someone’s health.  It’s hard to put a price on your health. Our question to you is how much is your health worth?

There are a number of well documented risks that may be associated with using HRT. Some of these are simply unpleasant side effects and some may be more serious.  At PeakPerforMAX we work to mitigate these risks by making sure each patient is on a safe and qualified protocol that not only make them feel great and look great, but also allows their body to achieve the highest level of health possible. How do we do this? 

1.  Working with qualified professionals 

2.  Making sure that the protocols are tailored specifically to their bodies needs. 

3. Regular lab work to asses and quantify how we make you healthier. 

4. Finally, we have the most knowledgeable doctors and medical professionals to assist your health journey to its Peak!

  • We aim to stay within the upper limits of healthy physiological natural levels, which are in the 700-1000 ng/dL
  • The key to the success of our protocol, is staying within natural physiological testosterone levels which insures you feeling great, while staying healthy and safe

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a lifetime commitment. We are replacing your hormone levels to their optimal ranges, and if you chose to discontinue your therapy, and stop The TRT, your levels will return to the baseline levels at the time of your initial lab work, before any hormone optimization.

At PeakPerforMAX we start with only the absolute necessary medications to bring your hormone levels to their optimal ranges.  All medications prescribed are based on your lab work and can vary from one compounded medication to several medicines depending on the individual patient needs.  Our ethos is to put you on the exact amount and medications that you need to reach your optimal levels without over prescribing or over medicating. Our expert medical team will review your lab work and explain the medicines necessary to achieve optimal hormone levels and your personal objectives.

Most TRT therapy for males come in injectables, cream, gel, tablets, and capsules. Many of the treatments can be tailored to your exact needs and comfort level.

Yes, please let one of our expert medical professionals know the time frame of when you’d like to start a family so they can assist with that objective.

We will do a complete hormone panel. This panel measures all of the sex hormones, metabolic hormones, CBC and differentials.

Many of the medications used in TRT and in bodybuilding are the same. How these medications are prescribed and doses and administered can be and will be very different. Our objective at PeakPerforMAX is to optimize your hormone levels and make you the healthiest version of yourself as possible.