Andropause Symptoms and Treatments

What is Andropause?

A collection of symptoms, including fatigue and a decrease in libido, experienced by many middle-aged men and attributed to a gradual decline in testosterone levels. It is also very important to note that men of all ages, starting as early as your 20’s, can still experience these same low testosterone level symptoms. The good news is that we can help at PeakPerforMAX.

Self-assessment time:  What Symptoms do you have? There are many different signs of whether you are a candidate for hormone replacement therapy or some of our other life changing protocols and regiments. We are experts in helping our patients suffering from some or all of the symptoms below. Your hormone levels have a substantial effect on many of your body’s vital daily functions from morning to night. So now may be the best time to get answers, and we want to help you peak your max.

Andropause Symptoms, Male Menopause

  • low energy.
  • depression or sadness.
  • decreased motivation.
  • lowered self-confidence.
  • difficulty concentrating.
  • insomnia or difficulty sleeping.
  • increased body fat.
  • reduced muscle mass and feelings of physical weakness.

Understanding Low Sex Drive in Men

Many men experience a below-normal sex drive during andropause. What’s below normal? We tell our clients this: if where it is now isn’t working for you, it’s below normal.

Lowered sex drive can be attributed to Hormone imbalance. It is almost always the culprit when it comes to low libido in men. Low Testosterone is also a common factor because it’s what a man’s sex drive is fueled by. Similar to gas in your tank. Without enough, you simply won’t have a strong libido.

Elevated Estrogen is real- men have estrogen, too. You need a little for heart and bone health, but too much estrogen is a bad thing for men. Basically speaking, kills a man’s sex drive. And yet elevated estrogen is common in men with hormone imbalance, but reversible with hormone treatment.

Prolactin also contributes, while less common. Prolactin makes women want to hug and nurture their children. In men, it may make you want to hug your significant other, but will definitely kill your desire for sexual activity.

Lowered sex drive is the most common symptom so don’t feel alone or at fault. We can treat your low sex drive from the root of the causes with HRT. At PeakPerforMAX, we understand the issues and reasons that cause your symptoms. We tailor protocols for each patient with a variety of hormone replacement therapies (HRT) to get you back to feeling yourself again, even a younger, more energized self! We monitor your progress with lab work, doctor check-in’s and regiment adjustments to ensure your max benefit of our expertise and your life. Hormones are complicated but our therapies and process is not.

Optimize Your Testosterone Levels For Better Health, Love Life & Happiness, Starting Right This Very Moment!

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