Testosterone and Weight Loss: Can TRT Help Shed Body Fat?

As you age and your body changes, you may notice weight management becomes more challenging. It often occurs alongside decreasing testosterone levels. Both testosterone dips and weight gain are a natural part of growing older. However, there are medical solutions that can help you manage your weight through testosterone replacement therapy.

Learn the impact of low testosterone on weight management and how testosterone replacement therapy can help you shed body fat.

How Low Testosterone Impacts Weight Management

Studies have shown a connection between low testosterone and obesity, and diabetes. There’s little evidence to pinpoint whether obesity contributes to low testosterone or vice versa. However, there is evidence that addressing one does help improve the other.

For example, testosterone impacts metabolism, energy levels, and muscle mass. This impact can make weight loss difficult. It also directly impacts how fat is distributed and stored. Weight gain, on the other hand, can reduce testosterone production, causing a circular effect.

Will testosterone make you lose weight?

Men who want to shed body fat should take a two-pronged approach for the best results. Testosterone replacement therapy, alongside a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet, can improve your weight, health, and quality of life.

4 Ways Testosterone Replacement Therapy Supports Weight Management

Explore four ways that long-term testosterone replacement therapy impacts fat loss and weight management.

1. Boosts Your Energy Levels

As testosterone levels decrease, you may notice a dip in your energy levels. This dip impacts many areas of your life, including energy to exercise and stay active throughout the day. Staying active is crucial for weight management.

Doctors recommend at least 150 hours of aerobic activity and strength training twice weekly. Healthy people should include 30 minutes or more of activity throughout their day.

Testosterone replacement therapy boosts those crucial energy levels and your mood, motivating you to keep up regular activity. You can also maintain the energy levels necessary for longer exercise routines, which help you stay fit.

2. Increases Your Muscle Mass

Testosterone regulates muscle mass and bone density, which directly impact your weight. Muscle burns fat, so building muscle and strength also helps you burn more fat.

Muscle building becomes more challenging as testosterone levels decrease with age or health-related issues. Testosterone replacement therapy counteracts muscle loss by providing the necessary hormones to regain your muscle.

Remember, testosterone only impacts your ability to gain muscle and doesn’t directly increase muscle. You will need to combine testosterone replacement therapy with strength training to experience the full impact of the therapy.

3. Improves Your Fat Distribution and Storage

Testosterone helps dictate fat distribution. You may notice boys having less fat stored in their hips after puberty when testosterone levels increase. Then, as men age and testosterone levels begin to decrease, fat distribution changes adding fatty deposits in areas you may not have had fat before.

Testosterone replacement therapy regulates your levels, helping to keep your fat distribution within regular ranges.

4. Increases Your Metabolism

The same study that found a connection between testosterone and fat distribution also found a connection between testosterone and metabolism. Most men with healthy levels of testosterone also had a regular metabolism. A regular metabolism can burn an average number of daily calories, which depends on your body composition.

However, low metabolism means your body takes longer to burn the same amount of calories. This can lead to fat build-up.

Testosterone replacement therapy regulates your metabolism, helping you increase your fat-burning rate. Because testosterone isn’t the only hormone that impacts your metabolism, it works best alongside a healthy diet and regular activity to keep your metabolism healthy.

Start Your TRT Weight Loss Journey

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